Welcome to Reliance Mutual

Reliance Mutual is a long established life insurance and pensions provider, having started life in 1911. As the name suggests, we are a mutual society, meaning that we are owned by our member policyholders - we have no shareholders.

Reliance Mutual is committed to the ethos of mutuality and today looks after £1.7bn and over 200,000 policies. We are committed to providing a quality service and products for our customers and pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service. All enquiries are handled by friendly, UK-based people.

Annual General Meeting – a thank you!

We’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to the members who attended this year’s AGM in London, those who tuned in to watch proceedings live by webcast and to the 6,300 members (10% of those eligible) who voted online or by post.

Our aim is for our members to get the most out of the AGM – to have a clear insight into what’s happening with the Company. Those who were unable to tune in or to attend the meeting can view the minutes of the meeting and the presentation by clicking on the links below. A recording of the webcast is also available to watch or better still – come along to the next meeting in 2017, and help guide your Company’s future.

Click on the above image to view this year’s webcast
Video quality will depend on Broadband connectivity

While viewing it won’t be possible to vote or raise questions but if you do have membership-related questions, or if you would like to tell us what improvements we could make to the AGM, please feel free to email members@reliancemutual.co.uk and we will answer as soon as possible.

Click here for the AGM minutes Click here for the AGM presentation

Playing a more active membership role

If you’re interested in taking part in a sounding board to help further develop dialogue between the Board and members please read on. The Board would like to make sure that it keeps in touch with members’ opinions, particularly in relation to governance and strategy, and so would be interested in forming a Members’ Panel to help facilitate this. Initially interest and ideas about content are likely to be exchanged electronically but the idea would be to hold meetings, in localities where interest is most concentrated, as soon as possible. If you are interested please telephone the Company Secretary on 01892 773214 or email members@reliancemutual.co.uk.

Important Note: Dates of information

Please note that unless otherwise stated, company information on this site relates to the information quoted in the 2014 financial statements.

The Reliance Mutual Group includes:
Reliance Mutual Insurance Society Limited - Registered No. 491580, authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority; Reliance Unit Managers Limited - Registered No. 724451, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Reliance Administration Services Limited - Registered No. 3710407, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All are registered in England at Reliance House, 6 Vale Avenue, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 1RG.